Amazing places to visit while in Thailand


Bangkok, Thailand’s most populous city holds a unique fascination to visitors with its wonderful sights and sounds.  It is home to floating markets, golden palaces and porcelain-laid spires among other mesmerizing attractions. From wonderful shopping spots to some of the best temples and delicious foods.

Below is a look at some of the special highlights of Bangkok which beckon thousands of visitors annually.

Explore the mesmerizing beauty within the Grand Palace

The sheer size and magnitude of the Grand Palace beckons visitors to its folds. The Palace sits on approximately 218,400 sq of land and is home to some truly fascinating buildings. It is surrounded by walls that were erected in 1782 and is home to the Chapel of the Emerald Buddha, the government offices and royal residences of royals.

A visit to the Grand Palace will mean a visit through three main zones: You will visit the royal offices in the outer court in addition to the public buildings and the Temple of Emerald Buddha, the middle court is home to the state buildings and most important residential buildings, while the inner court is reserved for the King, his Queen and his consorts. You can visit with the beautiful garden that was once the area of recreation for the royal women and children although it has now been turned into an area where receptions take place. The Audience Hall of Amarin Winithai which was the location for holding royal ceremonies offers visitors a beauty of its own, while the Dusit Mahaprasat Throne Hall gives visitors a glimpse of traditional Thai architecture.

Temple of the Learning Buddha, one of Thailand’s most revered sites

The Chapel of the Emerald Buddha which is situated north to the Royal residence fascinating many visitors. The chapel is home to the sculpture of the Emerald Buddha (Phra Kaeo Morakot) which stands proud in glittering surroundings and dates back to the 14th century. It is sculptured from flawless green emerald surrounded with gold-gilded ornaments and sculptures. Historically, the power of the Emerald Buddha gave legitimacy to the King and protection to the nation. The Buddha’s robes are changed by the king of Thailand following a change in seasons thereby, forming an important ritual in the Buddhist calendar. Only the king gets to touch the sculpture and no one else. The change in robes helps ensure good fortunes in the months ahead.

Apart from the Emerald Buddha, the temple is home to some of the finest examples of the Buddhists’ architecture, sculpture and decorative craft in Thailand.

As a tip, you must dress appropriately if you wish to enter the temple as there will be no show of skin, inclusive of the arm, lower legs and toes. In addition, your feet must not point towards Buddha and as such, you should either stand or site on the floor without pointing your feet to the Buddha.

Explore the history of Thailand at Siam Niramit

Ever wondered at the History of Thailand?! Wonder no more; because the Siam Niramit show is geared at provide you with significant history of this gorgeous country. The show embraces skillful dancers, stunning costumes and wonderful music that help portray Thailand’s cultural heritage. The theater, Siam Niramit offers its visitors an authentic traditional Thai village on its grounds that they can stroll through three restaurants, in addition to a larger stage production of the Thailand culture.

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