Aliiolani Hale-a Historical Landmark

Aliiolani Hale

Aliiolani Hale is arguably amongst the most photographed Hawaii landmarks. It is located at the rear end of the golden King Kamehameha statue, at the ancient downtown Honolulu capitol district across the streets from Iolani Palace. The outstanding building was originally meant to act King Kamehameha V’s royal palace. However, it was eventually used as Hawaiian Kingdom government offices.

Despite laying the first cornerstone, King Kamehameha V died on his birthday later the same year before the completion of the building. An Australian named, Thomas Rowe designed the building. The name Aliiolani Hale is Hawaiian, and it means, “House of the Heavenly King.”

Today, Aliiolani Hale stands out as a landmark building and houses Hawaii’s supreme court, its administration offices, a library and of course, King Kamehameha V Judiciary History Center. Outside the building is King Kamehameha’s Great Statue. The building was listed as a historic location in 1972 by the US National Register. It also houses the Judiciary History Center on its first floor.

The building’s construction was completed under the reign of David Kalākaua who himself planned to build his own palace across the street. He is the one who named the building Aliiolani Hale to honor the late king. Following its completion, the building was adopted for use as the headquarters of Hawaii Government and home to the Supreme Court as well as the Legislative Assembly. The provisional government overthrew the Hawaiian Monarchy in 1893.

The building is a place worth stopping at and getting an experience of its architectural look as well as its historical significance.

Following the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy and on the steps of Alliolani Hale, Sanford Ballard Dole stood and announced the Provisional Government. It is at this time that the building was renamed, “The Court House” and it acted as the House of Representatives meeting place as well as a meeting place for the House of Nobles. This was until 1896 when the meetings were held at Iolani Palace. In 1911, the building underwent major reconstruction, while in 1944 a new wing was added to the existing structure.

Professor Larry Connors of the University of Denver attached another striking attribute inside the palace that tells you about the historic eras that the palace went through. With the order of Larry Connors, a ground investigation was carried out in December 2005 that incorporated the use of trenchant radar. The investigation came out successfully with the invention of a capsule that was ascertained from the burial ground of Kamehameha V that he incorporated there at the time of positioning his cornerstone. The capsule comprised various textual and pictorial entities presenting a clear picture of the historic civilization of that era. Those documents included Hawaii postage tramples, pictures showing the members of the royal families, broadsheets, Hawaii calendars and manifold other essential historic documents that depict the culture of the entire Hawaii foundation. The capsule is now kept in a highly secured enveloped area to protect it from the hands of pilfers.

In essence, other than bearing an aesthetic architectural appeal, Aliiolani Hale stands out as many famous historical events. King Kamehameha V Judiciary History Center hosted in the building features lots of exhibits as well as multimedia presentations on landmark Hawaii court cases and Hawaii’s legal history. Admission into the historical building is free although visitors have to adhere to prescribed timelines. It is also known as the first major Western-style structure constructed by Hawaiian monarchy and is most notably for its outstanding clock tower. The building is found in 417 South King Street, downtown Honolulu. Notably, at the time of construction, the Hawaiian media largely criticized the building for its extravagant design, suggesting that it should be as a palace in line with the original design intentions.

Today to understand the modern Hawaii civilization and culture there is a serious need to look at the history of the Hawaiian culture. The best option to gain that knowledge is visiting the Aliiolani Hale palace that holds the robust debris of the past Hawaii civilization. Therefore, today the palace opens its doors for the tourists to be one of the wonderful historic destinations to visit. It maintains a strict security outline as it is the Supreme Court. Once you enter the palace, the overwhelming atmosphere will inspire you to know more about the Hawaiian culture. Continuous research is going on to obtain more useful information that would help to gather more knowledge about the ancient times Hawaii Empire. Therefore, if you are in search of a perfect historic place to visit, you can go and check the Hawaii Aliiolani Hale.

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