Albany - The City that Represents the Whole State of New York

Albany New York

Being the state capital of New York, Albany holds some of the most important sites in the state. If you're on vacation in Albany or find yourself in the state for work purposes, you will get to see sights that are unique to the city. Take some time out to see the sights and you won't be disappointed.

The State Capitol - An Impressive Building

Like the US Capitol Building located in Washington DC, the state capitol in Albany is one of the most important buildings in the state. It holds the New York legislature and is free for all to see. There are tour guides who will explain the whole history once you get there. From the outside it has an impressive structure with great architecture and workmanship. You will also get to see the million dollar staircase. This is a "must see" if you find yourself in Albany.

New York State Museum - Part of the City that Represents the Whole State

An interesting and informative way of learning about the state of New York; the New York State Museum has exhibits that are memorable. The 9/11 memorial exhibit is especially unforgettable because of the nature of the incident. The gems and stones exhibit is nice with explanations regarding the different kinds of pieces. Museums are the kinds of places where you take children and they become an important part of their childhood.

Albany Visitors Center - Essential to Visit

The visitors’ center is a great place to visit if you're new or only in the city for only a short period of time. The staff here is friendly and helpful. The information they provide is invaluable. You can get maps and a general feel of the place if you visit the center first. There is also an excellent gift shop with good quality souvenirs.

The Egg - The Performing Arts

It is an extraordinary place in an extraordinary state. The structure is shaped like a real egg which makes it different from most places. Inside the egg is yellow so you will feel like you're inside a real egg. The guides are there to help you and explain the history and architecture. Inside the egg everything is round so even walking seems like an adventure. The place is famous for concerts and the sound is great. It definitely is worth a visit especially if you have seats to a concert.

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