Alaska Offers Wild Excitement and Adventure with Empowering Wilderness


Alaska offers a solitude and freedom from the mass of the concrete jungle, traffic snarls and stinky atmosphere. Every place in Alaska is set to be explored under the watchful eyes of ever present Mother Nature in the form of cold snow covered mountains, silently sweeping landscapes and friendly local people.

The Natural Habitats to Discover

Alaska has one of the most astonishing and marvelous wilderness that can keep your heart pumping with adventurous joy. The city of Anchorage is a giant wilderness surrounded by the third largest state park of the US, called the Chugach, and is home to a wide number of wild animals which can sometimes be spotted while taking a trek around Anchorage’s neighborhood. Moose are as big as a horse and can be seen while wandering through the wilderness and spotted mainly at two creeks, Chester and Campbell Creeks. Going to Ship Creek will give you an opportunity to catch the silver salmon and you can even buy it from the local market where locals sometimes engage in heated confrontations to sell salmon. The robust and incredibly sized black and brown bears can also be found in the wilderness near Anchorage. During hide tide at the Turnagain Arm waterway you can spot Beluga whales when they are feeding at the mouth of the Cook Inlet.

See The Dread of Nature’s Wrath at Katmai National Park and Reserve

History says that the largest volcanic eruption took place in southwest Alaska in 1912. The experience of going through the same path where nature threw its wrath upon the land will be anoverwhelming and adventurous event in itself. The remains of the eruption can be seen in the middle of the Katmai National Park and Reserve where the ash covered valley will certainly surprise you.There is also an astonishing presence of a black mound called Novarupta which is the volcanic vent and the source of the massive eruption that occurred over 100 years ago.

Denali National Park: Epitome of Alaskan Adventure

Travelling to Denali National Park must be included on your list while being in Alaska. Visitors get to see the stunning view of the snow covered Mt. McKinley in all its glory. Denali National Park should be visited between June and August when the climatic conditions are much more favorable despite it being cool and cloudy. The Denali campgrounds are at peak capacity during this season and the roads always seem to be busy with shuttle buses heading for the Park. Since you are probably going for a camping and hiking trip, it is vital to get the right camping gear. The gear can be purchased at the Glitter Gulch, a small shop which specializes in all types of camping and hiking gear. While exploring the Denali National Park you will  encounter some wild and ferocious animals like grizzly bears, moose, lynx, fox and even the wolf, if you happen to get lucky.

A trip to Alaska will present such an opportunity for coming close to nature and interacting with some of most entertaining and intriguing personalities in the shape of the local residents. Alaska, though it may be the last frontier; the presence of unique sets of individuals will make it a memorable trip. Interacting, hunting, drinking, hiking and roaming along the vast expanse of the snow covered land will be both stunning and mindboggling.

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