African Airline to Link With World’s Fastest Online Travel Company for Globalization

African airline

Traveling the world via specific airlines is becoming common these days. Because of time constraints people consider time as money, thus to save time they pay more to save it. Travel plans include business trips, holidays, meeting your loved ones and several other reasons. The airline also deals in delivering cargo from one destination to the other.

One of the very economical and cost effective airlines in Africa named as fastjet has announced partnership with the world’s largest online travel company the Expedia. This partnership will not only improve faster travels and delivery but will also be beneficial for the economic growth of the country and the organization. Flights if the fastjet will be available to millions of travelers that shop via Expedia and book travel. Expedia is a leading, giant brand of the world with an extensive portfolio; it includes brand like hotwire, a leading discount rate site and Extencia world’s fifth largest management company. All of them are now serving millions of business travelers in more than 60 nations.

Statements regarding partnership by the stakeholders

Greg Schulze the vice president of the global tours and transport group Expedia, was very happy and delighted over this partnership; he was really pleased to expand their business with the fastjet company and leading travel sites. Both companies are in full confidence of taking the business to new heights of prosperity and success.

Because of increasing tourism in Africa to explore its beauty, and global travelers coming to the country for business or other purposes are facilitated by the partnership. They provide a large selection of product and services to their customers in provide them luxury and ease.

Outcomes of the partnership

All the stakeholders of fastjet company look like satisfied and contended because of this deal between the two companies, many officials are seen giving press interviews about the merger; Ellis Can Jones head of commercials added that the contract has emerged as a milestone in the businesses for both the companies. He also said the partnership with expedia group represented a giant leap in the practical approach of our global distribution system. The link has showed an improve performances which have satisfied the potential customers of the fastjet companies. This link has also opened many more ways of exploring the world in many different ways.

The officials of the company made it very clear that because of this partnership they have gained domestically and internationally e-commerce has helped to conquer the customers and global markets of the world. Initially we had the strategy of focusing on increasing internet usage to book fastjet flights within the premises of Africa. As the time passes, new technology has emerged as weapon in the business world.

The outcomes of the fastjet and expedia groups partnership has cater greater accessibility of the fastjet operations in the world wide. Thus these types of links are appreciated in the business world; cases like these have really showed some great profits.

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