An Adventurous Tour to Hawaii Island


Like most of the visitors we were also confused about which Hawaii Island to visit and make the most of our trip? The islands are so diverse that selecting the appropriate and right Island really makes a difference. Also, if you have visited couple of islands and then explored a new Island altogether it is a different experience.

The sightseeing, the attractions and the new places at another Island will make you feel as if you are in a different world. To make it a trip for around a week, we planned to visit Kauai- The Garden Isle.

Kauai – The Garden Isle

Well, this is the oldest and northernmost island in Hawaii accompanied by natural beauty. The major highlights of the island are Wailua Falls, Kalalau Trail, Poipu Beach & Waimea Canyon. Let’s explore each one of them:

  • Wailua Falls: If you are a person who really likes and enjoys nature then this is the best waterfall to be at. This is a double-tiered waterfall which is approximately 85 feet high and drops into a pool of over 30 feet deep. If you want to enjoy and have a pool dive then it’s on your own risk, however it is recommended as some of the dives have been proved as fatal and inefficient. During high flow a third-tier is generated and the fall from the top comes with real pressure.

  • Kalalau Trail: This is a place for trek lovers. It is around 11 mile trek and covers waterfalls, sea coves, verdant valleys and gorgeous vistas. We did a trail from Kee Beach to Hanakapiai Beach which is approximately 2 miles and takes around a day to complete the entire trail. As you begin the trail, you will be experiencing the lush green jungle-like scene. The trail is steep and rocky in places, but trust me you will definitely enjoy the trail. The highest point between the Kee Beach and the Hanakapiai beach is 500 feet above the sea level.

  • Poipu Beach: This is one of the most voted to beaches by America. It has three crescent-shaped strips of sand which offers wide swimming possibilities. There are also opportunities for experienced swimmers like snorkeling and boogie boarding. It is better for an inexperienced swimmer to stay towards the middle where there is a lifeguard on duty. You can have maximum of your photos clicked here as the view is really awesome and you would love to be there again and again.

  • Waimea Canyon: It is the largest canyon in the Pacific and a massive experience to watch. The canyon measures ten miles long, more than 3,500-feet deep & one mile wide. It is a home for Waimea River. The three lookouts are Waimea Canyon lookout, the Pu’u Ka Pele lookout & the Puu Hinahina Lookout, while the best is the last one Puu Hinahina Lookout. The round trip for the journey is around 36 miles and has a maximum elevation of 4,000 feet. So, before starting your journey it is recommended to have you gas gauge checked.

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