Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park

Have you heard about Acadia National park? It is located near Bar Harbor, comprises of 49,000 acres. You will find granite cliffs side by side in Acadia National Park. The Glacier carved mountains originates from the sea. You will also find evergreen forests, marshes and meadows here.

The perfect and outstanding scenery of this park is due to mountains separated by valleys and west ridge of granite. You can enjoy and join several activities here like Ranger led program. You can join this program for evening slide program, hikes, cruises and walks. When you arrive in this park, you should ask for a schedule of activities of ranger-led. You cannot get or receive this program by email. The specific summer ranger junior programs are available for children. The most important and famous activities in Acadia National park are following

Hiking trails

This park offers about 120 miles of hiking trails. Terrain varies from deep woods to open mountain summits. The 50 miles of carriage road are also available for walking purposes. It is a suitable and the best track for walking purposes.


In order to enjoy biking experience, you can use the 27 miles of paved motor road here. It is suitable for motor and bicycle riding. The roads also have crushed rock surface, and it can be damaging for riders.

Scenic driving

Acadia National Park also offers access to sand beach, Cadillac Mountain and Jordan pond. The visitors can also enjoy a CD and cassette tape tour. In order to enjoy scenic driving, you should pay the fees at the entrance station.

Ocean and lake swimming

This park offers you several lifeguard beaches. You can also enjoy ocean swimming here. It is a great experience to enjoy freshwater swimming here. The fresh water lakes are also located here, and they serve as drinking water reservoirs.


This park is home to more than 50 different species of wildlife. The most important and famous species include black bears, coyote, foxes, muskrats, porcupine, moose, chipmunks and gray squirrels. If you want to enjoy a great collection of wildlife, you should visit  Acadia National park. It is reported that thousands of tourists visit this place in a year. There are present all important facilities like travel, accommodation and flights here. You can make your vacations great and perfect by visiting this place.

If you want to visit Acadia National Park, you should keep certain things in your mind. First of all you should prepare your plan in advance and have information about activities in Acadia National Park. The next step is to decide for accommodation and travel services. It is not hard and difficult to find the best accommodation service near to Acadia National Park. You can make advance booking of your accommodation and travel services with the help of online source. It is a real fact that Acadia National Park is a best place to visit in the whole world.

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