Acadia National Park and the Atlantic Ocean

Acadia National Park

Located in the heart of Maine, the Acadia National Park covers a significant part of Mount Desert Island and the archipelago that surrounds it. This scenic natural reserve attracts millions of tourists every year. Home to a wide range of exotic plant and animal species, the Acadia National Park has a lot to offer for outdoorsy and adventure seeking tourists.

The Acadia National Park is also home to some of the highest and most picturesque peaks on the east coast. It is no surprise that Acadia National Park attracts so many tourists every year since it boasts a diverse natural landscape, including woodlands, lakes, mountains and stunning shoreline, looking over the Atlantic.

Places to see in Acadia

Spread over more than 46,000 acres, the Acadia National Park holds a little something for every kind of tourist. It is no surprise that there are so many fascinating places to visit within Acadia.

If you want a spectacular and unparalleled view of the Atlantic Ocean, you should pay a visit to the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse. Once used to catch the attention of ships making their way to the United States from Europe, this lighthouse is now home to the Coast Guard commander of the sector.

For people who want to enjoy a breathtaking view of the national park, the Cadillac Mountain offers just that. At 466, meters, Cadillac Mountain is the highest peak on the east coast of the US. The top of the mountain can be accessed by road when the weather permits it.

The Wild Gardens of Acadia boast a collection of the natural habitats of Desert Island. Although this garden covers less than 1 acre, walking through its winding pathways will open up your mind to birds and plants you would not get to see anywhere else in the world.

For people who want to see as much of the park's natural beauty as is possible in a single visit, the 27-mile long Park Loop Road runs through some of the most picturesque parts of the Acadia National Park. It is necessary to keep in mind that this road is open only between April 15 and November 30.

No trip to Acadia is complete without a visit to Hulls Cove Visitor Center. Since this national park has a lot to offer, it used to be virtually impossible to see everything in a single visit. Luckily, at the Hulls Cove Visitor Center, one can enjoy a 15-minute long multimedia presentation about the park.

History buffs would feel right at home in Acadia, all thanks to the Isleford Historical Museum. Situated on Little Cranberry Island, a historical journey will entail a study of the lives of the native inhabitants of this island. You can visit the museum as part of the Isleford Historical Cruise available only in summer months, or by tour boat or mail boat.

Things to do in Acadia

If the thought of merely sightseeing does not excite you, there is no need to panic. Acadia offers a number of recreational activities that ensure you are on the edge of your seat throughout your visit.

If you are a bicycling enthusiasts, some of the most scenic routes to be found in the United States are located in Acadia National Park. People who are passionate about bird-watching will not be bored for a second since Acadia is home to a number of exotic species of birds.

Since the park features a number of lakes, boating and swimming are also available. Swimming is not limited to the lakes since tide pooling can also be done. If it is winter and the waters are too cold to dare a dip, skiing and snow-mobile facilities are readily available.

If one day in Acadia does not seem like enough (which is quite understandable), you can stay overnight for a small fee. This beautiful national park is home to a number of campgrounds that can facilitate what may be one of the most exciting and relaxing experiences of your life. These campgrounds are equipped with basic facilities, and they allow you to set up a tent and enjoy nature's finest under the stars. Some campgrounds are open all year around, whereas others are only open in the summers.

Your trip to Maine, or even the United States, would not be complete without a visit to this reserve. Regardless of whether you prefer adventure or sightseeing, you will feel a sense of satisfaction after your visit to Acadia. The Acadia National Park is perfect for families with children, a romantic honeymoon and even an educational school trip. People have even gotten married at the Acadia National Park! So what are you waiting for? Head out there today - satisfaction is guaranteed.

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