8 Popular Places in Washington DC

8 Popular Places in Washington DC

Previously named as District of Columbia, Washington D.C is the capital of USA. It was declared as a capital district in July 1790.  Having a population of approximately 635 thousand, it is ranked as the 25th highest populated place of the country.

It is a main zone for the US political platform, all three federal government branches, Congress; President and Supreme Court are headquartered here. Located here are 176 foreign embassies along with a vast number of international companies. It is also famous for its touristic attractions mainly in the form of national museums and monuments, the city remains jam packed with travelers from June to October.

1. Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Having an area of 18 football fields, this wondrous place will introduce you with 126 million scientific artifacts which include not only 30 million insect specimens but also 4.5 + million plants. The popularity graph of this museum can be measured through the highest ratio of visitors per year which is around 7 million.

2. Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

With 6 million tourist coverage per Annum, The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum is host to prized possessions such as the Apollo 11 command module and the first air plane made by the Wright brothers. It also houses a theater, a restaurant and a gift shop.

3. Memorials

Hosting memorials dedicated to war time presidents such as Lincoln and Roosevelt and the persons who laid their lives for their country, the National Mall attracts a tide of visitors every year who throng to pay their respects to these heroes.

4. National Museum of American History

With an average of 3 million visitors per Annum, this astounding museum has a superb collection of 3 million artifacts of American history and civilization. A must see place when in Washington D.C. indeed.

5. National Zoological Park

The National Zoological Park lets 3 million annual tourists see around 2,000 animals of various species. For kids,  it’s a extremely fun loving spot where they can meet gigantic pandas; Sumatran tigers; Asian elephants; Gorillas and apes. The kids will undoubtedly enjoy watching animal themed stage shows and playing in the kid's farm.

6. Arlington National Cemetery

Take a few steps from Washington D.C. towards the Potomac River, where Arlington National Cemetery is located. Almost 300,000 nationals are buried there, and travelers from all over the world visit this cemetery annually to pay homage to those who were once and are no more.

7. Rock Creek Park

Just in the center of Washington D.C. is located the Rock Creek Park with all its glamour and splendor. Every year from all across the globe almost 2 million people come here to visualize its beauty. The park holds a planetarium; paved trails; bridle trails; 30 recreational spots; an amphitheatre; 18-hole golf course; a boating house in its lush green space, you would certainly get dazzled with.

8. White House

Around 1.5 million people, visit White House each year. It offers visitors to avail the incredible opportunity of having a self tour of the presidential house whereby they need to put forward ticket requests six months prior to their respective congressional representative. Upon visit, they are also informed about its history and US presidents, by the White House Visitors Center.

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