5 Unsurpassed Eco-Friendly Opportunities in South America

Cycle Trail

South America has some of the best destinations for eco-friendly travelling. From rain forests to snow capped mountains, from culture to fine dining, South America has something to offer that will suit your taste.

Watch the adorable seal pups lounge on the Galapagos shore in Ecuador:

The Mindo Cloud forest Foundation attempts to preserve bird habitats in the area and help maintain the numbers of the threatened local birds. Visitors can come in close contact with the feathered delights like the Long Wattled Umbrella bird or the Glistening Green Tanager. Other birds that can be commonly spotted include the Double Banded gray tail and the Purple chested Hummingbirds.

  • Cycle Trail: The Atacama Desert in Chile provides an interesting cycle trail for all those who prefer the non fuel-consuming vehicle. You will enjoy miles of beautiful desert landscape. The nearby lakes, the geysers at El Tatio and Vale de la Luna are some of the magnificently beautiful scenes you will view on the trail. Four wheelers are available for rental.

  • Amazon Tour: You may tour the Amazon Rain forest in Columbia without the disturbance that other tourists may cause. You may take the boat to Puerto Nariño. You can also visit the Amacayacu National Park, where you can enjoy canoeing, canopy walks and tree climbing.

  • Take a llama ride in Peru: It is a once in a lifetime experience. These fuzzy creatures are rented out by the local farmers for rides. It is a wonderful experience and it will definitely help in saving the environment.

  • Volunteer at the local organic farms: This experience will not only teach you about the traditions of the local people of South America but also will give you the perfect opportunity to return back to your roots. WWOOF is an organization, which helps the local farmers.

South America has a lot to offer besides the world cup and beaches. You will have a wonderful experience while protecting the Earth.

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