4 Best Romantic Travel Movies Ever

Christina Barcelona

Romantic Travel movies are a great source of inspiration since they teach us never to give up on love. Not only do these movies inspire us to travel but also to open our hearts to allow love to occupy our souls.

Some of the films that will mesmerize you and will definitely squeeze a tear out of the hardest hearts are:

The Before Series -

This trilogy is the one to watch when it comes to romantic travel movies. The first part of the series begins with Before Sunrise. The storyline revolves around the American Jesse and the French Colin, who meet on a train journey in Europe. The audience is left with a question of whether they meet again. This is answered in the second part, Before Sunset, released 9 years later, where the much older characters meet in Paris where they share a night of passion. The question of their future is answered in the final installment, again released 9 years after the second part, and titled Before Midnight. The chemistry is heart-touching and the film is set in the backdrop of the Greek Peninsula.

Room with a View-

This movie was based on the novel of the same name by author E.M.Forster. It revolves around the lives of Lucy and George. Lucy, coming from a conservative and reserved family meets George while on a visit to Italy and falls in love with him. What follows is a touching story about love transcending boundaries.

Lost in Translation-

Set in the heart of Tokyo, this film’s storyline traces the lives of an aging actor on a trip to Tokyo and a photographer who is extremely self-absorbed. Their love and friendship tells stories of the innumerable friendships we form during travelling that rarely fade away.

Roman Holiday-

This is one of the most romantic stories where a princess and an American Reporter fall in love. Their story teaches us that love is blind towards societal divisions.

Apart from these, Vicki Christina Barcelona, La Dolce Vita and Sound of Music are some of the romantic movies which remind us that love could be just around the corner. So open up your hearts and go on a trip. Who knows you might meet your soul mate!

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