10 Oldest Places in USA


Washington DC.

The capital city of America brims with so many things to do. The capitol building, the Lincoln memorial’s anchor, the white house, the national mall, and so on, the list can extend wide if you ask for the major places to visit out here. This is one of the oldest places in the whole of the United States of America. The city boasts a range of attractions for the tourists from far and wide.

Lots of museums of different kinds are available out here for the archaeological aspirants. The national gallery for art is one of the significant examples to prove this fact. You will find a range of vintage items here that you will certainly love to see and be informed about.


All over the city you can see Ben Franklin’s name as well as influences. You should visit the independence hall out here without fail. It is here, Ben signed the declaration of independence here. South Philly is one the major places here to visit, and Benjamin surely do not have anything to do with that dish served out here, the cheesy steak.


The Historic town is a theatrical stage. There are numerous buildings that are recently refurbished but actually built since way long time now. Williams burg is considered as the Disneyland for the revolutionary war. The place is education able as well as enjoyable with a lot of entertainments too.


You can walk around the battery as well as spot the fort Sumter from way long; you are to feel like you have stepped into the antebellum world. The life style of the great nineteenth century is pretty evident here with such monuments, and historically prominent architectural beauties and artifacts filled in this part of the world. The southern gentry, the Calhoun mansion as well as the Nathaniel house of Russell are a must visit for the tourists.


It is the oldest place for the prime Americans. It means you can imagine the actual heritage of the historical importance for the city of Boston. The First library for the United States of America was opened up in the city of Boston. The First subway system for the United States of America was opened up here in the city of Boston. The First public school for the citizens of United States of America was opened up in Boston. The First Public Park for the citizens of United States of America was also opened up in the city of Boston.


It was the capital for the confederacy once upon a time. It is just about a couple of hours drive from the southern side of the Washington D.C. Jefferson Monticello and the state capitol building of Virginia are a must visit. You can see a range of collections of the Civil War’s paraphernalia.


Georgia’s Gentry is Savannah. Posh houses and the rich live out here. Creamy layer of the society of United States of America, mostly like to dwell in this part of the world.  Owen Thomas house, the Forsyth part, the Bonaventure cemetery all are interesting places to visit.

Santa Fe

Colorful vintage past is what Santa fee boasts. You can see the palace of the governor here. Catholic heritage is evident in this part of the world. The canyon road, Georgia museum O’Keefe and many more galleries are there to be visited as well.


Ulysses S. Grant is who signed the Yellowstone’s National Park and made a history. Grand Canyon is one prominent place to tourists as a must visit. Mammoth hottest springs out here are amazing for the tourists to witness and wonder.

San Antonio

Alamo! Can you remember that? Yes, you can read plenty about the Texas history out here in this good old city of San Antonio. 189 locals died in the war of independence here.  You can even find more remnants of the past in this historically famous destination of United States of America. There is a national historic park to be visited for the tourists too.

New Orleans

Bourbon Street is where you can rock it hard when it comes to partying and it is in New Orleans. French quarter is for those who love to get historical information. Cabinda as well as the cathedral of st.louis, the Chalmette battle field are some of the major places to be visited for all.

San Francisco

Silicon Valley is just here. Modern marvels happen in this oldest city. It is a real treat for those history buffs. Golden Gate Bridge will certainly attract the giddy architects. You can see the vibrant Castro as well as the mission districts too. 

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