The 10 best Treks in the world


Many people do different things to get on the adventure of their life. Some find that the ultimate adventure is trekking. Trekking in some of the best locations of the globe can offer a life changing experience for many. They are good for health and are incredibly satisfying. You get to see different sides of the world by the means of trekking. So once in a while it is great to wear your trekking shoes and explore some best trekking locations. Here is a list of the 10 best treks in the world.

GR20 in France

Trekking is about exploring the unexplored. It usually takes a few days on foot to explore the complete location. The forests, craters, rocky landscape are just stunning and you will be mesmerised by its natural beauty. Spare at least 10-15 days if you really want to enjoy trekking on this location to cover most of the challenging landscapes.

K2 and Baltoro Glacier in Pakistan

The world’s second highest mountain range offers an amazing trekking experience that will test your survival skills to the core. Although trekking is not only about mountains this location sure does a good job to entice many trekkers from around the globe every year.

Inca Trail in Peru

Visit the 33km beautiful and challenging Inca Trail in Peru. It offers some great high passes and stunning landscape.

Everest Base Camp in Nepal

It is a mere dream of several people to visit and experience Mount Everest. Even a trek to the base camp is challenging and life changing. Take it and feel accomplished.

The Himalayas in India

The ancient trade routes in the world’s greatest mountain range, offer a challenging trek. If you do not want a lot of rush around while trekking, this location is perfect for you as not many people take on the feat of conquering the Himalayas.

The Snowman Trek in Bhutan

Now this location is for those who would like some spiritual experience along with an amazing trek. This trek is very challenging and is not for the weak. All along the way there are monasteries where you can calm your mind and admire the culture and simplicity of this place.

TheRouteburn Track in New Zealand

If you are visiting here and are tight on schedule, perhaps this place is your best bet as you can cover the 20 mile trek in almost 3 days and at the same time experience two national parks on the way.

Haute Route in France & Switzerland

Set your eyes on some of the world’s most famous peaks like the Mont Blanc. It takes almost half a month to fully explore these high pass routes.

Annapurna Circuit in Nepal

Take 20-30 days to explore approximately 130 miles of this location. There are small hotels along the way which will take care of the basic needs.

The Blue Trail in Italy

This place is incredibly beautiful and amazing. If you are looking for a family trip then perhaps this is your best bet. This place has some stunning views and will delight the photo bugs.

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