10 Best Hotels in US

Hotels in US

The USA is the most sought destination for most of the people seeking to go on a vacation or a long tour to rejuvenate themselves. This is due to the fact that this fabulous and beautiful country offers some of the world’s best adventures and experiences. It is not difficult to find good hotels in the US. They will be burning a hole in your pocket.

The list of 10 best hotels in the US

St. Regis, New York

This excellent hotel will add a traditional taste to your visit to New York. From canopy beds to silk wall coverings. Everything has a royal feel to it.

Ritz- Carlton, New York

This one needs no mention and is already a sought after expensive accommodation in New York for the ones who wish to make the most out of their visit to New York.

Four Seasons Resort, Hawaii

This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the US. Enjoy your stay in the magnificent Four Seasons Resort in style.

Bardessono, California

Worth every penny! you will be blown away by the service, cleanliness, food and aesthetics of the place.

Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas

This exquisite place of Las Vegas has luxury flowing through every bit and corner. Whether you are on a romantic getaway to Vegas or just a fan of the city then this place will check all the right boxes when it comes to offer luxury in style.

The Jefferson, Washington DC

Relish the comfort and finesse of this magnificent place with some of the best catering available.

Five Pine Lodge and Spa, Oregon

Perfect for birds’ lovers! This place is incredibly beautiful with that wooden feel.

The other places worth mentioning here also are: The French Quarter Inn in South Carolina, Hotel Commonwealth in Massachusetts, The Grand Del Mar in California and Amangani in Wyoming. There are several world-class hotels in the US but your choice will depend on which part of the country you plan to visit or what is the purpose of your visit. The list includes hotels in general which are great for your stay and do the best job in delighting their guests. However if the purpose of your visit is very specific like you are here for a skiing adventure, then perhaps the choices may vary and you may want to stick to an option that is near to your destination.

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