10 best Greek Island Holidays


If there is one place on earth that can give an experience of a vacation which is equal to visiting many, then it would be fair to say that Greece is perhaps your best option. Greece has many spectacular Islands which offer visitors a vacation of a lifetime.

No matter for how long you are on the vacation, you will never have enough time to explore everything that Greece has to offer. There are several Islands in Greece. To make the most of your time here you should decide on your choice of Islands to visit judiciously. Read on to find out 10 best Greek island holidays.


The largest Island of Greece is also one of the most beautiful. If you are on a romantic getaway with your partner this is your paradise. Besides some stunning beaches, it also offers adventure sports like paragliding and bungee jumping.


Another amazing Island from Greece offers an engaging experience for clubbing lovers and shopaholics. If you are a photographer then your camera is in for a delight because this place is one of the most beautiful places you have ever captured.


Definitely visit this island if you love windsurfing. It also offers a great shopping experience and also some fun water sports.


This Greek Island belonging to Northern Sporades attracts several tourists the whole year round. This is because you cannot go wrong with this place. If you are an adventure seeker then you have come to the right place. Here you can enjoy the two most popular water sports of this region, canoeing and kayaking.


Explore Ermapoulis, the capital of Syros which is a lively and colorful place. Beautiful beaches with lined palm trees are great to have a relaxing time.


Contrary to the meaning of its name, this Island is the smallest in Dodecanese. The Anatolian style houses and clear seas are incredibly beautiful. Trip to this Island is not complete without visiting the Blue Grotto which is lit from underneath by refracted sunlight. Sound exciting. Isn’t it? A swim in the Grotto is a life-long experience


This eco tourism hub will amaze you by the variety of bird species and wildlife. It has beautiful nineteen beaches which are very accessible. The countryside is bustling with Crusader castles which are very beautiful and a must visit.


This beautiful volcanic island is set to add color to your trip by its spectacular landscape of brown, red and white rocks. Visit the ancient theater and the windmill when in Milos and also enjoy some of its seventy incredible beaches.


If you are someone who like sunny beaches then this Island is a must visit that promises about 300 sunny days in a year. Locals are very friendly and getting suitable accommodation is very easy.


This is a place to reckon with when it comes to really having a relaxing weekend. This place has a very unique architecture dating back to several years and you can visit some great museums, churches galleries and monasteries while exploring it.

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