Terms and Conditions

Get Bus Tours is welcoming you and would like to illustrate Get Bus Tours key principles and conditions.
The terms and conditions written below apply to all users of Get Bus Tours (Visitors or purchasers) or any of its business affiliates.

Please go through them carefully:

To Understand our privacy system please go through our privacy Notice.

When you are dealing with us electronically as through sending e-mails or posting on our website, please note that we will reply to you also electronically by e-mails and posts and that has to satisfy any legal requirements that such communication message has to be in writing.

we do not offer refunds unless that the product fails to satisfy the required service or did not meet the advertised qualifications.

Items purchased from a third party lies under the policy put by the third party, and Information concerning the item bought shall be found on the product details.

All Copyrights are reserved for Get Bus Tours. All items as the Graphics, audio-visuals, images, logos, text..etc belong to Get Bus Tours. All content on this site is a property of Get Bus Tours and protected under the U.S. law and the international copyright laws. Also software used on Get Bus tour web site is the property of Get Bus Tours and protected under the United States law and the international copyright laws.

Get Bus Tours offers you a license to navigate the site and make purchases but do not allow you to download or alter any of its content except with a written consent from Get Bus Tours, LLC .You cannot duplicate, reproduce or copy any of Get Bus Tours content for commercial purpose without the consent of Get Bus Tours, and the same goes for utilizing framing techniques to enclose trademarks or logos without a written consent from Get Bus Tours.
You are not allowed to use Meta tags or any other "hidden text" using Get Bus Tours's name or trademarks without the consent of Get Bus Tours.

If you're having an account on Get Bus Tours, you have to maintain the secrecy of your password and restrict access to your account. Children products should be purchased by adults not children by the use of a credit card. If the user is less than 18 years old then he/she shall use Get Bus Tours under the parents supervision and involvement in the purchase. Get Bus Tours along with its affiliates has the right to reject service, cancel orders or even remove accounts.

As a visitor, you are allowed to post whatever comments, reviews, suggestions, ideas or questions you want as long as it does not include any abusive content or defamatory, also it must not contain any sort of invasion for privacy or infringement for intellectual copy rights or a spam of any kind (as viruses). Misleading the company by using false e-mails or impersonating anyone may subject the wrongdoer to questioning.
Get Bus Tours has the right to remove any abusive content. Get Bus Tours carries no responsibility regarding content posted by any of the visitors or third parties and cannot be held questionable for it.

Get Bus Tours and its affiliates believe that intellectual property should be protected and respected, thus it accepts infringement claims from anyone who believe his/her work has been copied. The person doing the claim just needs to follow our procedures for posting Copyright infringement claims.

A shipment contract is attached with all items being purchased, thus the risk of loss for the item passes to the purchaser upon delivery.

In an attempt form Get Bus Tours to be accurate as much as possible, it allows you to return the product in an unused condition if it doesn't meet the description offered by Get Bus Tours itself, But this does not include the others products or services offered on this site.

Businesses other than Get Bus Tours offer services operate stores and sell products on this site. Get Bus Tours is not responsible for warranting the offerings of any of those businesses. Get Bus Tours is not responsible for any of the actions or services of third parties.

Get Bus Tours provides this site on an "As Available" and "AS IS" basis. Get Bus Tours does not provide any warranties to the operation of this site and your use of the site as a visitor is at your own risk.
Get Bus Tours disclaims all kinds of warranties as implied warranties and others. Get Bus Tour website does not include any viruses and is not liable for any kind of damage or harm arising from its use.
If laws of other states apply to you like laws of states that do not accept limitations on implied warranties then you are free to have this right and the above limitations and disclaimers do not apply to you.

Any Visitor for the website of Get Bus Tours must note that any dispute to arise between the site and the user will be resolved under the law of the state of Massachusetts which governs the conditions and terms of use.

Visitors who have disputes associated with a product purchase shall submit a claim to Boston confidential arbitration, Massachusetts. It has to be noted also that if a user violated the intellectual property of Get Bus Tours or even threatened to, Get Bus Tours will seek injunctive in any federal court related to the state of Massachusetts.
The arbitrator award is then binding and can be presented in any competent jurisdiction's court as a judgment.

There are set of other polices that govern the use of the site as the pricing policy so please check them. Get Bus Tours has the right to modify some polices at times. The altered condition shall not affect the remaining conditions in terms of validity.

Bus charter prices are subject to change. All quotations are good for 2 business days based on the schedule provided. Extra charges might apply due to change of schedule. Cancellation fee might also apply. We might use other company's buses as we do not guarantee the availability of our buses.

Getbustours shall not be held responsibilities in itinerary alterations, delays or cancellations due to strikes, sickness, theft, loss, accidents, weather, mechanical failure and all similar causes.