GetBusTours Price Protection Guarantee:

Have Confidence in booking Your Tour:

To help everyone experience the excitement of travelling and enjoy touring, we do our best to offer tours with the lowest cost.

Thus, we've made the Low price Guarantee System. This system allows you to get your money back (the price difference between the two tours) if you found a cheaper price for your tour within 72 hours. You just have to contact our price Protection team, in order for us to process your refund.
Terms and Conditions of Using the Low price Guarantee System:

-The protection Policy applies only to tours booked on
-The protection policy suits only the purchased tour with verified tour code and the price difference for equivalent tours are not valid.
-You can make a claim for the Policy protection only within 72 hours from the day you purchased the tour to the day before you travel.
-The price protection policy Suits only the direct and active price cuts on
-Indirect discounts for tours like Tour of the day, Coupons, Trivia discounts, price Variation in foreign currency changes (tours outside the US only), or thanksgiving sales, lies all outside the Protection policy.
The low price Guarantee system can be applied, only when the tour Program is the same. This generally but not specifically includes: Tour provider (class/Standard of Service), hotels enlisted in the program (with room type and hotel standard), dates and time of travel.
The Low price Guarantee System is associated only with the actual cost of travel, as enlisted in the "easy book" section of the Getbustours webpage, which means that the optional fees, tour guide service fees and any fees other than the actual ones are not covered by the guarantee system.
-Note that the Guarantee system applies not to affiliate websites or promotions placed on Getbustours website.
-The Claim will be subject to verification by Getbustours verification system which will exclude: fraud claims, claims that do not meet the full requirements, poor evidences like "screenshots" and other errors.
If your claim passed the verification test, then you'll have your payment within 7-10 days of verification, using the same form of payment used for reservation.
-You can alter, cancel or discontinue the low price Guarantee at any time and for any reason, or even no reason. Also you can restrict the low price guarantee availability to any person.
In effect terms at the time of your purchase will verify your eligibility under the low cost guarantee system.
-Write your claim and e-mail it on within 72 hours of the tour purchase on our website.
Don’t forget to include in your e-mail:
-the number of reservation of your Tour
-the link to the other tour which you claim to have a lower price.
Price Protection Guarantee Policy is a policy that helps you get the best price.