Guided Tours

Guided tours are organized by a qualified tour guide who accompanies the travelers. A tour guide provides help, information and details about the culture, traditions and heritage on any guided tour. He arranges multiple activities for the travelers so that they can make the most out of the tour. Briefly, a tour guide is responsible for making a tour organized.

There are three levels of guided tours:
2.Semi Guided
3.Fully Guided

To find which level of guided tours you have, check out the inclusions section on the relative tour page.

Level 1: The Unescorted Tours:

On this kind of tours, you will not have any guide. You will be taken to multiple attractions and places where it is you who will have to arrange activities for yourself since no guides are present to arrange your activities.

Level 2: Semi Guided Tours:

These tours have guides who arrange multiple activities along with meals. This kind is actually the best for people who love to have some free time on their day and want to have a meal of their choice. A tour guide will accompany you to offer basic structure to your daily activities. He will also guide you in case you encounter some problems.

Level 3: Fully Guided Tours:

On these tours, you have a tour guide who is responsible for almost everything starting from arranging multiple activities ending with meal stops. He will give you detailed information about various sights and attractions throughout the tour. These types of tours are actually guided in multiple languages.

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