About Us

Getbus Tours is a flourishing online travel supplier, specialized in providing comfortable online purchasing service for your travel needs.
Getbus Tours makes its best to be the number one online travel supplier, providing customers with the best tour selections, prices and the latest technology to facilitate their tours.
Our Tour packages include Vacations in Europe, North America, Asia, South and Central America, Australia and New Zealand, Africa and Middle East.

Our mission is not only to show new or beautiful places but also to get you to know and deal with different ethnicities and cultures, the thing that enables more peace and satisfaction among human kind.

GetBus tours pays much interest to Customer satisfaction and work on using latest technology updates which allows more comfortable online booking experience and more secure transitions.

All travelers should try our "Tour Tracker Application" available on Android smart phones and Iphone. GBT Tour Tracker gives you the option using GPS to know where your tour is right now without having to contact anyone on the tour. Locate the place of your loved ones, family and friends even if they are not answering their phone though our cutting edge Tour Tracking technology.

Our online service is available 24/7. If you send an e-mail, we'll reply within 1 or 2 days, however, most of the time you will receive an answer within 2 or 3 hours. We will always be glad to receive your feedback concerning our service at service@getbustours.com. If you have any questions, please e-mail us on the same e-mail.

Concerning why should you book from us?
-No matter what budget you put for your vacation, we have all price ranges. You can travel with the lowest booking expenses using our service in Getbus tours. And don't worry; we give you the best value for your money.
You can also pay using several ways.
-GetBus Tours has a wide variety of tours, including a range of events, locations and tour types.
Choose the tour, which suits you, either one day tour or multi-days one. Experience the beauty of places, via bus, boat, and bicycle or even on foot. Enjoy the best food, tour guides and adventures.
-Our Customer service representatives do respect the customer and strive to gratify his/her needs. Just call us and we will help you get the answer for all your questions. Our 24/7 service saves you time and effort, just e-mail us any time, and we'll make sure to respond within one or two days if not on the same day.
-Getbus tours has a secure online system that guarantees protecting your identity and personal information. We offer an easy navigation through our web pages by categorizing the tours into: Tours based on location, tours based on price and tours based on type.
You can make your transitions safely using our booking system and make us know if you face any problem, don't forget just e-mail us.
- Get ready to make a custom tour. Customized tours are tours that you can design as you wish if you don't like any of our packages on the website. And we will always make sure to offer you the best price for your choice of the customized tour. Everywhere you dream of going can be available on our site, book whatever tour you like or just make your custom trip; we will always help you get the utmost of the travelling experience.